Founded in 2016


The Cotton Companies is a Real Estate Development and Investment firm located in Columbus, Georgia. Formed in 2016, our firm was established to do one thing – develop remarkable real estate. We transform, innovate, and create real estate assets that positively impact the communities in which we do business. Big or small and no matter the market, every project we do is exceptional and begun with the same intent—to build a community for people to thrive.

The Cotton Companies process begins with a question: how does this project build a better community while also developing a long-term synergetic asset? The Cotton Companies choose real estate opportunities and transform them into purpose-built developments that provide a competitive return financially, all while positively impacting the surrounding community.

Our work requires a network of talent and a variety of expertise. Our team has been curated to bring added value to all aspects of the real estate development process. The team members specialize in project management, design, business development, asset acquisition and management, urban planning, and commercial investment and development. This gives The Cotton Companies the ability to manage a project from start to finish; acquisition, planning and design, investment, project management, and securing and managing tenants. We work with some of the best vendors in the region, all of which are aligned with the same community-first values. Combined, the team is associated with over $185M of investment and development in the Columbus, Georgia area.

Real Estate Development and Investment

The Cotton Companies’ development and investment arm are completely turn-key for clients. We manage each portion of the process from acquiring the development and investors to securing and managing tenants. We focus on commercial development, adaptive reuse conversions, historical revitalization, and stabilized asset investment. We provide clients with a profitable and aesthetically improved asset and a community with a vibrant and connected space.

Asset Management + Development Consulting & Coordination

Using our same core values, we partner with clients to assess, develop, and manage existing assets. Working with some of the region’s most talented designers, architects, engineers, and contractors, we can help coordinate a development from preproduction to finished project. From financial analysis’ and master planning to purpose-built design and permitting approvals, our team has the vision and experience to transform a property into a financially competitive, community-first space.

Our Approach

At the Cotton Companies, we believe in collaboration and team synergy. From the start of every engagement, we host a meeting with the client and the architect to develop a deeper understanding of the client’s objectives and architect’s design vision. We then integrate the general contractor and other critical team members to ascertain how the project can most effectively be brought to fruition, while simultaneously accomplishing the client’s objectives. The Cotton Companies’ core principle is managing the development process for its client while also enhancing the client’s interests by creating value for projects in thoughtful ways.

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